Ayurveda Vata

Hi there. Today I want to share my personal project.
The theme is unusual for computer graphic industry.
The idea came from Ayurveda. This is a kind of alternative medicine in India.
One of the foundations of this system is the concept of three doshas.
The doshas are the three vital energies. They are formed from five primary elements: air, fire, water, ether, earth.
The mixing of these elements gives the existence of three types of doshas:

  • Vata (air+ether)
  • Pitta (fire+water)
  • Kapha (earth+water)
    Ideally, these three energies should be in balance. But in fact it turns out that one or two prevails.
    Each of the doshas defines a type of person. These are specific physical and psychological characteristics.
    Including body proportions, facial features, color and size.
    As well as psychological reactions, behavior patterns, feelings and emotions and preferences in life.
    All that we call a character.
    Since I’m a character artist and sculptor, so for me it’s interesting. And I found that its working.
    That’s why I decided to make serie of three female busts.
    First of them is Vata.
    I would like to put all ayurveda characteristics to my character. Outwardly they have a lean body, long limbs. The main feature is disproportionality and asymmetry.
    They are characterized by curly hair, expressive eyes, angular facial features and also convex joints.
    Сreativity, lightness, impetuosity, mobility, impermanence and volatility. It’s all about people of Vata type.
    This girl is personofication of air and ether. I tried to convey the sense of wind and the weightlessness of the cosmos.
    So even if you don’t know about ayurveda I believe that you find something familiar for yourself.


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Really nice work :slight_smile: She has really beautifull face :slight_smile:

Thank you. I’m glad that you liked =)

Beautiful work


Many thanks for you :slight_smile: