Autosave zTool?

Is there a script floating around out there that will autosave your zTool every minute or so? 4r4 seem very crashy on both my work and home machines, and I’ve lost tons of work, usually right when I hit the ‘save tool’ button.

Update to 4R4 P2. I don’t know of a script. There may be one on the forums.

3D Studio Max has had “Autoback” forever and Zbrush is as guilty of crashing. I am a new user and save often except when I get sleepy like just now when I lost a half hour of vital work. ZBrush does save tools to “Recovered Files” in a “soft” crash - but the last crash was as hard and as instantaneous as they come. In a split second, a total shutdown and disappearance of ZBrush. And often the Recovered File tools are missing subtools. When working for a large high-paying client on a deadline this kind of stuff is unforgivable IMO.

ZBrush can only do what it does by making maximum use of your computer’s resources. An auto-save feature would take some of those resources and interrupt your work. It’s better that you chose the moment to save, and get in the habit of saving often.