Auto rename Subtools in a folder

A cool and simple feature that can be implemented in a future update:

when i work i usually simply make a lot of subtools by many ways, array-mesh, duplicate, split, append, etc.

i generally arrange them by folders to keep a solid structure, easy to arrange and manage.
but the thing is that sometimes i forgot to rename some of them and suddenly i see that they have a name wich is absoluttely not appropriate to what they are…

So a simple tips would be to make a right clic on the containing folder, and find a rename subtools that would simply take the name of the folder and rename all listed subtools incrementaly.

This would help keeping ZBrush tools a naming convention and maybe the exports as weel.


The SubTool Master plugin has a “Rename” function which allows you to add a prefix (or suffix) to subtools. There’s an option to process a folder. You need to enter the prefix and then it is appended to the existing names but you might find it useful. For example, if you have a folder named “Clothes” and used the prefix “Clothes_” then the subtools would be named “Clothes_shirt”, “Clothes_vest” and so on.


i certainly missed this option because tools are dispatched everywhere :smiley:
thanks anyway that’s exactly what i’m looking for !

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After investigating this solution, I noticed that my problem is a bit more specific, because the plugin is made to rename all subtools, and I was looking for a more localized struct by folder, that seems not to exist this way.
And because it will rename all the subtools, if half are already well named, they will also be modified as well.

You see that “Folder Only” button at the top of the SubTool Master interface? Turn that on. (You need to have a subtool in a folder selected.)