Audrey Hepburn

Hey, guys

I create Audrey Hepburn with personally produced CG.
This is the latest work after several versions.
Sculpted with zbrush and rendered with V-ray for maya.
The hair is Ornatrix for maya.
The texture of the face is a texturing xyz image that has been wrapped with zbrush using ZWRAP and processed with MARI.

I’m not good at English, but I’d be happy if you could comment.:grinning:


Amazing. Top notch.

That’s rad @TomonoriShimizu Beautiful all around :star_struck:

really good work.
I like the overall darker makeup of her eyes of the old version better.
Looks more expressive to me.
I think it would be also cool if you could push her smile more towards a genuine smile.
Raising the lower eyelids a bit more and give her slight laughing lines/wrinkles.

Thank you:grinning:

Thank you:grinning:

Thank you for the advice.
Her makeup on “Roman Holiday” seemed not so dark, so I fixed it, but I’m also wondering if it was the best.

I’m still going to do a little more trial and error, such as facial expressions and skin texture, but I’ll make a different piece for a while.:grinning:

yea, it’s good to do sometimes a break and return with fresh eyes :wink:

This is just simply a huge wow! Amazing job man!

I think so, too.
Thank you!

Thank you:grinning:

Amazing work @TomonoriShimizu! Congrats!

Thank you!@nilbertoTawata

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This is so inspiring!, I love all the details. The skin fur, the teeth translucency, her expresion is awesome. thanks for sharing

Amazing work… well done.

Thank you.:laughing:

Thank you.:grin:

Wow, very impressive work !

Thank you:grin:

I love your work pretty tight render and color, please make a Marilyn Monroe one I’m curious to see what you do with it.