Hi nAÄAx, I hope you caught this post, well, if your’re reading this,…you have. Here are some pics of my ‘hands-on’ artwork I’ve done in the past. The dino is about 12" tall. The ‘Horta Scene’ from Star Trek was done for my ‘Trekker’ Brother-in-law. I bought Zbrush hoping I could model similar creatures on the computer as I’ve seen certain members of the forum doing so well, like Pix, Marcel, Southern, Brilliant, and yourself, etc. I’m not quite there yet. I find myself wanting to reach into the monitor screen and grab hold of what I’m working on. A faster computer would help alot in that regard. Well,…just wanted to show ya. I hope I caught ya. See ya later. Rich.

Nice work 50! :+1:

Thanks much, Mahlikus. :slight_smile: Rich.

Hi Kid of 50
More alive than the reals :sunglasses:
:+1: :+1: :+1:

super, 50’s!! love the dragon on the left, wich seems to go out a child tale!

Thank you Pilou! Rich.

Thank you Marcel, very much. I did that for a faked ‘Sea Serpent Photo’. Rich.

that’s some really awesome work you made.
I’m impressed :+1: :+1: :grimacing:

Why thank you, Namek. I just wish I could make them in Zbrush. Quietly awaiting version 1.6—50.

this is too much 50’s! what a fabulous work in all those pieces of art :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:
really fantastic, and very much apreciated this post in response to my demand :smiley: :sunglasses: thanks a lot rich :+1: :+1:

You’re very welcome, nAÄAx!! I’m glad I caught ya. I haven’t posted on this forum before, I’ll have to stop back. See ya! Rich.

Heyas Rich, gasp…glad I didn’t miss this thread!!! Outstanding work to say the least. I recognized the Horta immediately before reading.

Beleive it or not I was at our hobby store yesterday shopping for the cubscouts for a parade float we are building at the moment, and I found they had sculpy and super sculpy…so I bought the lesser sculpy coz it was cheapers at 10 dollars for the small box…I was tempted to get the 40 dollar box but didn’t. What are the main differences between the two types of sculpy clay? Do you do like Glen and model over a frame? Finally do you use a sealer of sorts before baking and what type of paints do you use in the illustrations of your works? Thanx for sharing Rich! Great pleasure seeing this post.

Hi there Ron! Good to hear from you. to answer your questions,…There are several ‘Sculpeys’ out now. The basic white version is basically useless for nice detailed work,…more for kids. The ‘flesh colored’ Super Sculpey is used by professionals doing figure kit masters, toy figures, and special effects sculpting. If you don’t like the pink color, you can mix a grey by adding a little white and black of the soft ‘Fimo’ polymer clay to the Super Sculpey. I’ve heard they’re coming out with a grey Super Sculpey. I wish they’d change that name. Yes, I use a twisted wire armature I make this with a drill clamped on the wires and spun. Also, coathanger wire works well, if you wrap a thinner wire around it so the clay has something to grab, you can build up thick areas with aluminum foil. Some guys sculpt up the masses with a 2 part epoxy putty. I did the dino and serpent with foil. I try to keep the actual sculpey thickness to half an inch or so so it cures well,…you don’t want a soft center. No sealer needed, I use basic hobby paints. Acrylic works well, I wouldn’t use oils, though. Here is a link to a great info sight you might find interesting: Sculpting with the Shiflet Brothers
Anyway, if I can help any further, let me know. Rich.

Thnx for the info Rich, I have not yet opened the white sculpy, so I will take it back to the store and get the pink…I am going to check the link you gave out right now…thnx again…and I am sure I will be having something to ask before its all over with :slight_smile:

Good deal Ron, sure like to see anything you do. Rich.

Great sculpting 50sKid… Ive used Sculpey for years and Im glad to see there are a couple more here that do as well… Never got into liking the Super Sculpey, but youre right about the white not being great for details… Id bake the white, then go back over it with a small metal tool like dentists use and carve in the fine wrinkles and folds.

Great work… Post some more pics of your stuff if you have them.

Hi nocturnal451, another ‘Sculpey Sculptor’! I never tried carving baked Sculpey, but knowing it’s consistency, that might work. Here is a W.I.P that I may not finish. you know how if you put something aside for awhile and see it again, you’d almost rather do it over than finish it? Thanks for posting. See ya. Rich.

Hey Ron I’m just curious, how many pounds was the 40 dollar box of super sculpy? It goes for around $6.50 lb. here.