Hello everyone,

I am happy to share my Ztool with you.
This package is free for use in commercial and personal projects.
You are free to make any modifications necessary for integration into your project.

This Ztool is based on the application of layers that will allow you to set your eyes as you wish.
One Ztool composed of two spheres with Uv’s.
Set your layers, bake and extract your maps.
I created this ztool during my free time for all people who want to create realistic or cartoon eyes quickly.
You cannot license, sell or resell, create or uploading this Ztool or new packs from this Ztool to another cloud computing, marketplace etc…
If I wanted to make money with this Ztool. I would have already done.
I’m not asking for anything.
See my Ztool in a bigger project will be enough to make me happy. So be creative… :slight_smile:

What you got.

Sphere1 = internal sphere = 152 layers

Sphere2 = external sphere = 27 layers

Veins alpha pack = 12 veins alpha

Texture mask chameleon and octopus ( set chameleon or octopus eyes, create new layer, apply texture mask, mask by intensity, now you can modify those eyes as you want…)

If you need help, ask me :slight_smile:


And future version I hope…

Have fun.

Google drive Downloadlink 1 :

Alternative download 2 :

Alternative download 3 :

Alternative download 4 :

Alternative download 5 :

Atomeyes Zmaker.jpg

55 presets.jpg



Atomeyes Zmaker.jpg

55 presets.jpg


Thank you very much for this wonderful gift. :slight_smile:

Just what I was looking for…!!!:+1:

Thank you so much for your kindness !!!

Thanks for the share !!!
Very kind of you :+1:

It’s really cool how you integrated different creatures eyes and mechs into the sliders
Very kind and generous of you! :+1:

Thank you so much for this free tool. I am a beginner struggling with eyes, so this really helped alot.
I am having trouble with the outer sphere, it is clouding the color of the iris.
Am I doing something wrong? Do let me know when you are free to answer questions. Thanks!

Most generous - downloaded with thanks :+1:

Hey, everybody thanks for your com.

zedabyu : If you want to render in zbrush, just bake your external sphere 2 then fillcolor in brown. Active transparency in display and render properties, fill matcap toyplastic. Sphere 1 active veins and sclera if you need, now you can launch bpr render.

Awesome, thank you for your generosity!

Tritt : Thanks for your com. You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Extremely generous of you ! It seems like this project of yours has taken an insane amount of time to work on. A million times thank you !

I got one question tho, if i were to create a “realistic” eye for a human character in a video game. Would i need to merge spheres 1 and 2 before exporting ?
Or should they be separate objects always ?

I have created multiple video game characters already, but making the eyes look realistic is a feat i haven’t yet conquered !

prfn : Thx for your com. I think it’s better to export Sphere 1 and 2 separately. Use glass material with refraction activated on sphere 2. If you really need to merge everything, uv’s will be overlaped. Replace them and it will be fine, I hope :wink:

Hello @Atomizzer . Thank you for the fabulous ztool for eyes. unfortunately im truly a beginner in zbrush. other than loading the ztool, im not sure how do you apply all the textures selection inside zbrush? right now when I load the eye ztool its only a white eye with no texture or any polypaint. Hope you can guide my hand and show the rope. Thank you in advance.:slight_smile:

Will anyone that understands the steps please make a tutorial? I’m not that familiar with layers and it looks like you just turn on the “eye” icon, then bake per layer? This looks really fun, Thanks!




I wish theres a clear tutorial about this too. I managed to get some shapes and color by playing with the layers but cannot get the same eyes like in the guide? always something missing and turn out weird after applying the sliders and bake or no bake for both sphere 1 and 2. Hope someone can chime in and give us the little people some tips.

Trial and Error lol
First thing I had to restart ZBrush, and tried again, noticed the Tool icon was updating when Layers were turned off/on
Try this:

  1. Select subtool Sphere1
  2. Follow the preset guides turn on all appropriate layers.
  3. TextureMap> Create from polyPaint
  4. Clone Texture
  5. Export Texture
  6. Do the same step for subtool Sphere2

this is probably not the best wayhope this helps until better instructions.

but i want to render in zbrush. do i have to export textures?

I have no idea. Apparently using this tool is so self evident and we must be over-complicating the procedure.