atom v1.3

by kessler

Hi peeps just wanted to put together some stuff I have been working on into a neat little plugin called atom. Give it a run or look at the script and tell me what you think or what suggestions you may have. I am still pretty new to zscripting.



atom page.jpg

thank’s What’s auto styliser ?

Currently it’s just a stand in button that doesn’t do anything :confused: My idea for it is to have a button that will automatically polish your model, take out the lumps, crease the edges, smooth the edges, and overall give it a stylized look like Overwatch with minimal effort. :slight_smile: so look forward to that one!

Hey … so I installed the plug and at least on my computer Atom made the FBX im/exporter throw an error message so it didn’t work anymore. Deleting Atom solved the problem. Thought you might want to know …