AtlantiB's Sketchbook

Hi there!:wink:
I’d like to share my studying with Zbrush) I own it almost 10 month, but I didnt found a free time to learn it. actualy, Didnt made anything good, because Im not a painter, I dont know how to sculpt, and it was very difficult to me to sculpt from scratch. But when I tried sculpt with dynamesh… it was… I had no words, it just amazed my mind! I can control anything I sculpt! and topology? huh… What is topology??? :smiley:
Now I got a time! and What I see- its amaze me a lot!
Its my third work with zbrush 4r2. I started with a dynamesh sphere… next when I got a basic shape I changed it a little bit into T-Pose, added some details… and Today I found unofficial Blender GoZ. I’ve done new topology just in 30 minutes!
I know, it looks not so great as other’s works, but anyway :smiley: Im glad about it!
To be continued.


progress 1.jpg

I love your creature, shes sweet and happy and I think you did a great job with the sculpting!
I cant wait to see what you do next!


Thanks you! next Im gonna add more details, polypainting

Just for fun (insomnia… its too boring!)
Hope you like it

Hey your english looks just fine to me, by the way the female sculpt is pretty cool, sort of reminds me of one of the denizens of the Adams Family…:+1:

Thank you!
By the way:
I started to studying how to sculpt a skull, after I finished I bring it to “live”
here is the result:
Party lights surround her, she’s sad, maybe a little bit drunk…

I really really dont like her hair. I didnt spent much time on it… I even tried to draw it at post-process stage… it failed :slight_smile:

I hope you like it!

Very nice sculpt …and a very big nose :wink:
But i like it!

Nose is fine, but the lips are too small. Thats why her nose looks big

Hi… Im sick and a little bit bored.
I did it just to get some fun.
old man.jpg

Good evening!
I just finished my another picture:
Today is Friday 13, so I decided to make something sinister =)
Meet Tommy, He is eight, and he just lost his parents. :evil: he also met with Freddy right at this moment)
Im not crazy :slight_smile:

Please release some critic about this render. I think its one of the best works I ever did in Zbrush…

Done with Zbrush. Post process done using Photoshop 8
here is some progress

Hello everyone:) wanns share with you some pictures I made.studying how to make textures
RENDER 1.jpg

and just finished this marshmallows covered by chocolate

cute version :slight_smile: