Assassin's creed NPC characters

Hi my name is David Giraud,
I was part of the beta team for Zbrush3 and
I’ve been working for the past 2 years on
Assassin’s creed. It’s been a great experience and
I worked with some very talented individuals,
including Phat (Patrick Gagné) who was the lead character artist.

I also just got featured on []( on the ubisoft interview (it was a first experience for me in front of the camera and it was very weird). I want to thank pixologic and ubisoft for the opportunity. So now I can show some of the characters I modeled and textured in Zbrush. I was using 3ds max 8 for the basemeshes then modeling and texturing in zbrush2 (I've also used photoshop cs for the texturing) then back in max for the renders and shaders. I'm often being asked about the polycount of my high-res but to be honest I don't check, it is irrilevant since I use a mid-res mesh with normals and bumps and displacement maps sometimes. What I'm showing here is only a few images you can see more in my gallery at []( of course those are the High-res and I won't show the low-res since they will be in the game. <!--[attach=63474]vigilante.jpg[/attach]--> [<!--[attach=63459]Black_man_by_mojette.jpg[/attach]-->] [<!--[attach=63460]Black-woman.jpg[/attach]-->] [<!--[attach=63461]NPC_face_male_03_by_mojette.jpg[/attach]-->]![NPC_face_male_03_by_mojette.jpg|1200x700](upload://jGK2P3HkkEsn5wiH2Gy8nLkI9JS.jpeg) [<!--[attach=63462]Beggar_by_mojette.jpg[/attach]-->]![Beggar_by_mojette.jpg|1200x1200](upload://jWYKXzJ1kidvUDHJpBnFCPcnykp.jpeg)![Black_man_by_mojette.jpg|1067x742](upload://nSZyFHZesMJBYdWCl70pHbS8MNj.jpeg)![Black-woman.jpg|955x700](upload://zuPF3he50jM3ENpgsBXyucDBN0u.jpeg)![NPC_face_male_03_by_mojette.jpg|1100x700](upload://jGK2P3HkkEsn5wiH2Gy8nLkI9JS.jpeg)![Beggar_by_mojette.jpg|1100x1200](upload://jWYKXzJ1kidvUDHJpBnFCPcnykp.jpeg)!<!--[attachment.jpg|1100x1000](upload://5e9Hat8pTUvOZp3CxbsIwJBrmzI.jpeg)



Very cool stuff. I am thoroughly impressed.

Great stuff.


Ralf Stumpf

Outstanding every single detail and mainly the skin texture is amazing :grimacing:

Incredible and inspiring characters, David.

I watched the Ubisoft interview (which was great by the way) and it looks like you guys are really harnessing Zbrush especially for more mechanical and clothing type objects. I’m curious how simple a base mesh you generally use when constructing a character (like the muslim soldier and his armor, for example)?

Awesome! I love the work you guys are doing over there. Excellent stuff.

Alex Oliver

uh…whoa! unbelievable. :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:


Okay, these are just stupid. Stupid GOOD that is! Great work!

:smiley: nice work.

Awesome David, when i saw the ubi interview on the pixologic site i thought “They BETTER be talking to David!” :lol: Glad you got a yourself a nice slice of recognition for your great work! Now it’s just a matter of time before we see you on a Gnomon DVD etc :wink: (I’d buy that!.. … or borrow your copy)

Anyway big thumbs up and really glad you got featured bud! :sunglasses:

Absolutely beautiful characters! Very inspiring. Well done :+1:

Awesome work! So life-like.

Just when you think you cant get anymore amazed!Holy smokes sensational work.What an inspiration…


ahah cool ! can we post some of our work ?

mr bahu , mike , ian, ben , louis phillipe , france , vero, tigran. pats degs. all of you guys, do nice work on this project !

oh and you too mr lill sister .

ok just a little release image for fun bye !.


Woah, the level of quality in these characters is unbelievable, I m really looking forward to playing the game!

Nice models. I like the cyborg the most. I’ve been interested in Assassin’s Creed since I saw the crowd video (I think it was last E3).

Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:

thanks a lot Alex and Pierre!

Eh Phat! yes we were such a fun team, I miss working with all you guys, Christophe told me we can show what’s been in the videos and magazines so you should post your amazing work. We miss you! :smiley:

as a gamer i am really excited to play yalls game. i love pretty much every game that you all have made splinter cell, prince of persia ,rainbow six etc. and as a artist i absoulutly love and envy what you guys are doing. awesome work.