ArtofKee's Sculpts

Hey guys, I’ve been posting in the wrong thread! I’ve been posting in Sculptris main forum thinking “sculptris” is the term used to call people who sculpt in zBrush… I guess you can tell that I am an absolute beginner DX I can’t believe I missed this thread.

Note to a moderator: You can delete the other thread from the sculptris forum. Sorry for the trouble ):

Anyway, please visit my blog (artofkee.blogspot.com)for my old 1 hour sculpts. I’ve basically decided to do 1 hours sculpts every morning before school so I can get used to zbrush and also learn anatomy for the head. I’ve been doing an hour up until I did females… I spent two hours on them ): The first one was one hour then it double for the next two. I did a female yesterday and here is the sculpt:

And here is this morning’s sculpt. I thought it’d be good to alternate from a man and a woman so I don’t forget how to do them.

The ears are plain for now as I don’t know much about them. I will do a study in the winter holidays.