Artist in Action: Creating a Better Demo Reel with Steve Warner


One of the single most important things you’ll ever do as a professional digital artist is to create your demo reel. After all, if you can’t land a job you can’t put your mad skills to work! Business cards and resumes are all well and good but prospective employers want to actually see what you can do. Galleries are great for this, but they lack the impact of a well constructed demo real. They also can’t show nearly as much information in a limited time or present your work in an entertaining manner that really grabs the viewer.

Not only does ZBrush provide a powerful suite of tools for creatingdigital assets, it also has incredibly useful features for presenting your best creations in an attention-grabbing demo reel. You can get amazing results in very little time.

In this “Artists in Action” entry (which is also featured in the current issue of Imagine Magazine), Steve Warner takes you through this process by sharing five techniques you can use to harness the power of ZBrush 4 for creating demo reels that pop:

  1. Easy Wireframe Renders
  2. Easy UV Renders
  3. Easy Posing
  4. Easy Animations
  5. Easy Multipass Rendering

Whether you’re a new grad trying to get your reel out there or a seasoned professional looking to streamline your post-production techniques, you’ll find an essential resource in this in-depth step by step and video tutorial!

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Some nice tips here, especially for UV map render as far as I’m concerned. Thank you :+1:

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Amazing information Steve.

Fantastic - many thanks Steve and Pixologic for creating and making available such a wonderful tutorial reference resource.

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This is very Helpful for me as I am currently working on putting a modeling reel together for work.

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thanks a ton, wish more tutorials were laid out this way. Straight to the point of what needs to be done and never missing a step.

Now if I could only find something like this for a udk importing from zbrush

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