Artic Highland Woman Warrior

It’s been a while Zbrush community! Been slowly working on this one for a bit. Hope you like it.

Thanks to Terry Wei (Concept Artist at Riot Games) for letting me use his concept, please check him out here!


For this project, I wanted to learn how to use Mari, texturingXYZ, R3DS ZWrap, and improve my skills with Substance, Zbrush, XGen, and Arnold. I also wanted to do something a little more realistic than what I normally do but it’s still somewhat stylized.

Open to any questions or constructive criticisms!

Here’s the artstation post. I will be uploading some more progress stuff to it tomorrow!

EDIT: added some GPU and CPU differences in Arnold

GPU in Arnold tends to have more issues but whenever it works, it can speed up rendering dramatically, and I much rather prefer it. For this project, however, once it got extremely heavy with Xgen and textures, it became nearly impossible to render due to the size of the scene and VRAM maxed out. I hear redshift renderer can still offload VRAM memory to actually storage on the PC when VRAM is capped out which Arnold cannot do yet.

Main difference in quality is ray tracing amount (CPU rendering in Arnold can do more) which can be seen with the hair, eyes, eyeball, and mask visor. This is usually why Arnold GPU currently has difficulty rendering blonde hair and you’d have to switch to CPU to make that possible. I found this out when I was making Gwen Stacy.


Nice looking work, and thanks for that workflow breakdown!



I’m glad it was somewhat useful! I almost excluded because I didn’t think it would help anyone. Thanks Spyndel!

Excellent work! (And the breakdown is always interesting - especially to see how ZBrush has been useful!) Thanks for sharing. :+1:

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Wow, that is a lot of fibers work. Thanks for all the close ups and the breakdown. The former really show off the details and the breakdown will no doubt be much appreciated by the community.

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Thanks Marcus! Hopefully I can provide more indepth break down next time I post here and give more info on the zbrush plugins I use to assist in transitioning between Zbrush and other programs fluidly.

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Much love Aurick! and yea, the fibers eventually got so heavy that I couldn’t render the full character w/ fur shown on my GPU alone (even with 24GB of VRAM!) and had to swap to CPU rendering. I will hopefully improve the breakdown for the next post I do with example pictures to be even more helpful :slight_smile: Appreicate the kind words!

Great translation of the concept :sunglasses: :+1: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2:!! Thanks for posting the breakdown!!

This is awesome, thank you for sharing so much.

the detail on this is really amazing!

Really great job with all the details.