Art test progress

I’ve been working on an art test lately and I finally finished all of the subtool basemeshes. I have yet to detail many of the pieces, but I completely plan on detailing, texturing, and retopologizing down to a 7500K mesh.

Any criticism is welcome, although I know the anatomy of the character is not totally accurate. I basically just wanted all of the mass there to build the armour on top of.



looks awesome !!! I am always amazed how you guys do such detail with low polys…i need to learn more how to do this

Amazing, when is the due date for the arenanet test? Cant wait to see more progress on this one.

Thanks, but note this isn’t the low poly yet! It’s a mid resolution mesh, around 15 million polygons.

Thank you, and good call on ArenaNet. It doesn’t have a due date as far as I know. They just posted the concept art back in June.