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"Summoning of the Beasts."

She still is working progress (w.i.p).

Here are a few more low res renders with a little photoshop C.C tests. (w.i.p).

I haven’t really fleshed out her backstory. But she does have this staff that can summon these beasts. Much like the beast tattoo that is on her forehead. She can summon however many she wants to serve her and to do her bidding. Not much, but that’s pretty much how I come up with this character. Once she is fully complete. I’ll spend more time on her story.

So I plan to fully finish her up soon, with like multiple of her beast surrounding her as the final image.

Stay tuned!


Demon4Edit Demon6Edit Demon7Edit


Hi @WillTheArtAddict and welcome to ZBrushCentral! This looks great, what’s the story behind? are there more images?

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Thank you so much, @jaime.