Art Of Pablo Garcia

This year I will do a lot of sculptures on ZBrush and I would like to publish it here in this forum I start with this Squid I made this weekend I hope you like it


Squid Final 01.jpg

Squid Final 02.jpg

Hello I start today to study female anatomy I have never do it this and I would like to known what do you think I need a little help please :smiley:


Wip 01.jpg

Today I still working in the female torso what do you think?


Wip 02.jpg

Here is some sculpts I have been working these months I hope you enjoy it and comment it please have a good day :smiley:


Pistol Duke 01.jpg

Wip 01.jpg

Wip 02.jpg

Wip Skeleton 08.jpg

Wip Skeleton 09.jpg

Jack Final 01.jpg

Here is my final render Of Johnny bravo as Duke nukem I made too a turn table enjoy it.

Hello how are you? I hope great! now I will continue with another project I left 2 years ago :slight_smile: I call it Retro alien this is his gun have a great day!

Hello here is a new project I have for a personal challenge I will made some mask inspired in the video game Majora’s Mask in Zbrush and I will render
in Keyshot here is some Work In Progress have a good day!

Wip 01.jpg

Continuing with the Majoras mask painting coming soon render

I have finished the Majora’s Mask I think I will continuing with mask of around the world I hope you like the final result I rendered in Keyshot have a good day
Mask Majoras Final.jpg

One year ago approx. I was working in a retro alien based in an old poster about sci-fi and I wanted to do that so here is some work in progress :smiley:

Wip 02.jpg

and here is the weapon

Retro Alien Final Render.jpgZBrush Document wideframe.jpg

Hello How are you? have been busy in another works but finally I have finished the Retro Alien I hope you like it

I have been working in other projects but finaly here is the Deku mask next step UI will render in keyshot I hope you like it

Mask Deku 02.jpgMask Deku 03.jpgMask Deku 07.jpgMask Deku 08.jpg

Hello here are some renders of the Deku mask made with Keyshot and ZBrush and some renders with another materials
I hope you like it

New personal challenge I have to finish this soon as possible Name: Jibanyan from Yokai-Watch made with Zbrush #zbrush #anime #fanart #digitalsculpture
WIP 01.jpg

Day 2 Jibanyan from ‪#‎Yokai‬-‪#‎Watch‬ made with ‪#‎Zbrush‬ ‪#‎fanart‬ ‪#‎anime‬‪#‎videogame‬ ‪#‎level5‬


WIP 02.jpg

Day 3 I think I am going pretty well with this project I am going to finish it before Friday this is excited :slight_smile: I hope you like it :slight_smile:

Day 4 Jibanyan from ‪‎Yokai‬-‪Watch‬ made with ‪‎Zbrush‬ ‪ next step texturing I hope you like it :slight_smile:

Day 5 Jibanyan from ‪‎Yokai‬-‪‎Watch‬ made with ‪‎Zbrush‬ only one more step and this project is finish

Jibanyan Render.jpg

Day 6 Final Jibanyan from ‪‎Yokai‬-‎Watch‬ made with ‪‎Zbrush‬ and Keyshot Final Image I hope you like it

cute! one of my son’s favorite characters. thanks!!!