Art of Beat

Hi guys,
I wanted to show one of my latest characters and start a sketchbook here. It is fan art of a various Assassin’s Creed concepts I found online. I worked on this character for over a year now on and off. It all started as a quick 1-hour sculpt. From there I created base meshes in blender that I then took into ZBrush and refined. I baked all the little belts and the different layers of clothing into several bigger meshes and took those to Maya where I rigged and shaded the model. I rendered it out in VRay.
The result is this short turntable video that you can watch on vimeo:









Intro to ZBrush is one of the classes I attended at Gnomon, we went over all aspects of the software so unfortunately we didn’t have to much time for the sculpting itself since we had to cover materials and rendering too.
I chose a really creepy concept of a monster by Anthony Jones[FONT=arial] called Hellguard. It was interesting to figure out the head with its worm-like creature. After I finished the sculpt and polypaint I took it into Maya and rendered out some stills with MentalRay.