Art & fun in the 3rd Dimension

After a long break I had time to work with zBrush again and decided to place all what could be interesting in here:

Likeness study of Juan Manuel Fangio as he drove in the very young foumula one Championship in 1950-51.

zBrush render as a fictive book cover:

3ds max & corona render - unreduced polycount :wink:

Some more zbrush pics.

I’ll 3D print him as soon as my data are printable.

This guy is fascinating, same as the time he raced. He won the World Championship five times with unreal skills while a lot of other drivers sadly lost their lives those days. One have to be very brave to drive a formula one car today. In Fangio’s time death was a daily business.
A very dangerous job he knew like no one else.

For those got interested:,







Made some exploration in NPR Rednering to get some vintage style.
zBrush - modelling, Poser - render sculpt, Verve - adding background like paper, strokes and some touch ups.






One more render without goggles and cap, shortly after race. One can still see where the goggles have been. :smiley:
I prepared the mesh for 3D print and had to say goodbye to some fine Details
Had to work on some problem zones due to the fact that I want it to be printed quite small in 1/18 scale. Zmodeller was quite some help - and Dynamesh for sure to weld fine details together.

hey man,how you doin’? it’s been ages.I was at the beginning of the way here when I saw that snail.:wink: glad to see your works again.:wink: great likeness.can’t wait to see him printed.keep it up buddy.:wink:

Hey diablo - nice you came in. Thanks for your wishes buddy.

I liked imagees
idea of some hand painted stuff so much, that I tried it by my own.

This is the result:

Normally it should be the work of a very smart render engine to do this :wink:
That was my workflow:

-Sculpt as always. In my case I used the demo head and subdivided it 6x to 3.5 mil points.

Use layers!
-I painted on layers to try different ways or play with the effect strength.

-the layer brush with Zintensity low and rgb intensity on 100 and rgb switched on is giving a clean result - with attached alpha for smoothing borders.
-The clay tubes brush with same settings as a above gives a more random result wich takes away the clean look and makes it more painterly.
same alpha was used here:

-Use standard materials for being able to light. skin4 i.e.

3 lights. main from above for hard shadow, two from Back sides with some color.

Use BPR and got crazy with BPR filters - refine in photoshop.

Have fun!

This guy started as a dynamesh sphere and was entirely done and rendered in zBrush.
I just used photoshop for little blur and hue corecction.

Free HDRI from Anaga forrest in Spain, Teneriffa was used from HDRImaps -thanks.
It’s a cool place btw. oldest (tree species wise) forest in Europe.
I had the opportunity to be there once. Impressive. There I met him:


Inspired by the summit I played with this animal mech idea and the array mesh feature.
The complete model is a result of of playing around. The result is a surprise, even for me :wink:

Zmodeller base mesh, array meshed twice. First for this knot like structure you see around the head, second to make the worm like body.
Keeping this with array mesh still on, I duplicated the body. Check Lock Pos & Lock Size and you are save to add some more parts and the repeats without loosing the path direction. In this case I added the wings as thorn like additions.

Then I came up with the worm idea and searched for the head. As it was a “late lunch crunch” I didn’t want to spent time in creating something so I took the head from artist " Justin Gobin Fields" from the badking monster pack zmodeler and part of the workflow from super kind zbrush artist Glenn M Patterson Design and his very cool Greeble Pack v2.0 converted the head into some mech like stuff. I just used mainly his Polygroup - Polyloop trick.
I must admit that I have to take a deeper look into the displacemant thing today, because I failed in getting this working yesterday. So I only took his texture.
I used a Enviroment pic from Element 3D to produce a lightcap, deleted some lights for better shadows and rendered it in zBrush with severeal passes.

Those were used in photoshop to make depth and the shadow pass was super useful for clearance and brilliance.
After I painted some lights on top the internet background was replaced by a quick painting I did.
I am super pleased with this over all painting look zbrush BPR renderer can produce.

One can really say, that this is a kind of collective artwork :slight_smile: Thanks to all included.

Btw. how to reduce the links to just keywords? Any tools prepared? Never got this done in ZBC.
Another thing - I don’t have keyshot. Is it supporting array mesh without having to mesh it?



So much fun in your sketchbook mate. Really interesting and cool projects in here.
Totally love the last one, did you use photobashin in 3D for the head front part design?
Would be cool getting a breakdown (:

Happy sculpting mate :slight_smile:

Kenny :slight_smile:

Hey Kenny,

thanks a lot!
I almost wrote everything about the workflow. It is really easy and fun.

Basicly it’s just about creating polygroups along polyloops with zmodeler.
After - extrude or qmesh extrude polygroups, add some edges, extrude again untill you are finished.

I didn’t use Group Loops or panel loops. All is hand selected, zmodeler makes it a pleasure;)

This is the original render I got out of zbrush without any post except a comp with shadow,depth and AO to see what I did in photoshop.




Very Cool! Let me know if you need any Help with any Displacement Techniques, be Happy to Help you out.

After so much tech displacements, I needed something organic - maximum organic.
So I stated with a dynamesh and made a ClayBuildUp only bust (almost, some move brushes here and there but no smoothing :wink: )
This guy just happend and made a lot of fun.
99% zBrush + a bit photoshop


It was some time for art after all this fun.

Mother earth

Really tried to focus on the necessary and wanted to combine hardsurface with organic forms.
I’ll keep that track, I am very pleased.

Dynamesh, Zremesher, Decimation master and render in Element 3D.
It took 1 second rendertime for 4000x2500 resolution.
Just reduced it in Photoshop.

This is rendered in zBrush with the fabulous matcap from Biomechanic user:




like ur mother earth alot :smiley:

@marrakech - Thank you very much. :wink:

After long time no post I had to test the NPR Filter in 2019 on an Model not shown so far: