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Hi Guys,

I started upArtforgames.comwith some industry friends with the mission to bring good quality straightforward game art education to everyone. An inclusive site offering free tutorials, pinTuts ( infographic like tutorials ), Video training and courses. We also have a knowledge resource where anyone can ask questions, search for answers and quickly get help.

Since going live we’ve had hundreds of sign-ups and it doesn’t look like slowing down. Hope some of you guys can join, find our content useful and post your work.

Here is another free tutorial. This time some killer tips and tricks for insert mesh brushes from Matt Waggle.

  • A step by step guide to creating detailed and realistic braided hair!

  • And one on custom alphas

High resolution link where you can download the macros ( top of the page, no login required ) - http://artforgames.com/infoTuts/customalphas/

  • Memory folds guide!

-Creating a chain link fence in zbrush and photoshop step by step ( no baking ! )

I will keep this thread upto date when we add new free zbrush based tutorials.
Hope you enjoy and if you have any requests just let me know.







you’re amazing man :+1: I’ve always watched your stuff and it’s inspired me a lot on Pinterest for sure man i’m gonna join by putting my artwork there and if there’re zbrush , maya resources like brushes , models , alpha maps … etc

and really guys you must join that site it’s a fantastic inspiring for zbrush users .

Looks very interesting.
But where can i register?
cant find a button or is it because i am on i-pad or in Germany right now?

Thanks guys, glad you like the site!

Here is a register link - http://artforgames.com/profile-2/register/
I’ve added it to the main page also. Still tuning the site for ipad/mobile devices.


Awesome tutorial, the cloth will come in handy … thanks

Looks great.

New tutorial added! , Hope you guys find this one useful. I packed a load of tips into this one.

Creating braided hair in zbrush. The correct way.


Very good tutorials. Bookmarked.

Thats an excellent resource, thanks alot!

Awesome! Very useful tips! Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

Bookmarked! Clear & concise tuts, chock full o’ tips. Great presentation, too. :+1:

Another new tutorial added! Check the initial post for link

This time Matt Waggle shows off some amazing insert mesh and tri-part mesh tricks to speed everything up.

What happened to artforgames?