Arrow Head

Hello everyone,

I am new to Z-Brush this is my first post here. I am 19 years old student from India. I love all aspects of CG and hoping to get some feedback from you awesome people on the forum and get better.

This is a head rendered in Renderman took 10 days from start to finish.
Started by a basic raw scan by Ten 24. Used z-brush to sculpt skin pore details, give expression, eyes, clothes, drapery background etc.
Z-remesher to re-topologize the model. Poly-paint to get texture maps for skin.
Hair was done with fiber-mesh and rendered as curves. I’ll post some more breakdowns after.

Feedback is really appreciated.







Very good works, looks great. Interesting stuff.

great expression and all in general !

Thanks :slight_smile:

Very impressive. I love the look on his face. The only note I noticed is: the texture on the shirt collar changes direction. But that is so minor and does not detract from your piece. The texture on the tie is pretty stellar. What did you do your clothes in? Zbrush?

Thanks. Yeah I notice that weave pattern turning due to the fall on collar.
Yes I sculpted clothes in ZBrush.