ArrayMesh possible or not?

Thing’s I haven’t been able to figure out with ArrayMesh.

  1. Some way of propagating instances out from the center of the source Ztool as opposed to one end or the other.

  2. A method to lock the ends of an array so that changing the number of instances or the size of the source Ztool will not move all the instances. This would make copy and paste inside arrays more useful for me in many cases.

A way to accomplish these would simply speed up a lot of array mesh positioning issues I run into. Perhaps these are not possible due to the sculpting speed optimization. Same reason it doesn’t use normal Units of measurement.

Personally, I like to try and figure out ways to do almost everything 3D I want right inside Zbrush. If a nurbs-like Zmodeller brush and more snapping options in general, and more texturing options were added to it; I would rarely leave Zbrush as it is my favorite 3D playground.

Hello @The.Great.ESCape

This would be done with multi-stage arrays (see the illustration below), or simply mirroring the geometry after the nanos are converted to live geometry. It may be easier to use Transpose mode to create the array interactively, as shown in this video.


To some extent you can also do this with multi stage arrays. Creating a new stage and chaining it to the end of the old stage can let you leave the previous stage untouched while creating a new series of instances with its own rules. However, altering the source mesh is always going to affect all the instances. In these cases I would suggest converting the elements you want to freeze into real geometry or nanos, then continue on a new array.

Take Care ! :slightly_smiling_face: