Arnold Schwarzenegger (anatomy study)


Hello everyone!
This is my last anatomy study based on Arnold’s body. Hope you like it!
C&C are welcomed and highly appreciated!





oo it became niceeee well done

great and keep it up

Thanks! Will do!

awesome !! the only critique that i have its the hes left pectoralis mayor in the pose above , looks a little flat and Arnold is never Flat come on its Arnold !!! jejej just built a mass again

and render out , for standard pose looks very good !

Arnold pose correction.jpg

I really like the vein work on this sculpt.

@3Dtoxic Thanks, will do! Oh man, I wish I could find this pic when I was sculpting :lol:
@3DAlliance Thank you!

It’s just a little mistake, check the end of the muscle . anatomy nothing it’s perfect , but this is a top row in my opinion.

Excuse me, but did you go to school for this? This work you did here is amazing

@3Dtoxic Aye, will do! Thanks for the help! I appreciate it! :+1:
@rmaize Thank you! I’m self-taught. I started to study the anatomy almost two years ago, still doing though. I think everyday practice is the key to understanding of it.

Aye, this one is final!

awesome!! this will looks amazing with a skin shader , cant wait to check another action hero from you!!

Alright, thanks! :+1:small_orange_diamond:)

Modeling is great

@Amir hossein Thank you!