armed soldier done in zbrush and keyshot (breakdown on Pg 2)

hi everyone,

i started this character to learn all new features of zbrush 4r7 and keyshot

this whole character is done in zbrush and rendered in keyshot using keyshot and zbrush bridge.

so i made
gun and other props using zmodeler brush.
used nanomesh to scatter bullets and stone all over the ground.
fibremesh was used to create facial hairs and grass.
and i used panel loops, zremesher, extract ,shadow box etc to create whole character.

and finally i used keyshot bridge to import whole geometry and zbrush materials to render the character.

i imported zbrush materials in keyshot via keyshot bridge and those were really helpful.

face closeup.jpgcomp_portrait.jpgdetailshot.jpgcomp_all.jpggrey render.jpgzbrush sculpt.jpg





grey render.jpg

zbrush sculpt.jpg

zbrush breakup.jpg


zbrush breakup.jpg

Good work. Very nice detail ! did a great job on rendering the skin in keyshot.I think that’s really hard.:wink:

thanks detyma, diablo

yes skin was a bit hard to achieve,but after adding area lights and tweaking shader i got these results.

Very nice work!

thanks :slight_smile:

Nicely done! I love the character and the set!

thanks Takai :slight_smile:

saw all your work awesomastic as i always say keep em comin love em all

thanks :slight_smile:

Wow gorgeous work thanks so much for sharing!

thanks Clintus Maximus

Great post thank you for sharing.

thanx daniel

hi everyone,
i want to share some part of my workflow for this character.

i used dynamesh for basic block out of the whole body and polished it after finalizing the design and proportion.

till then character was in t pose so i decimated the whole character and posed it via t-posemaster

i modeled some parts of the scene using zmodeler, dynamesh and paneloops.

zmodeler helped me a lot for creating controlled and polished mesh

i am sharing some basic steps i used for creating meshes and wireframes




Wow!!! :+1:

Awesome, and such nice neat modeling!

thanks jan 19 :slight_smile:

thanks Zbrushcentral.

Awesome work, man!
Thank you for sharing the breakdowns. They’re going to be really useful! :+1: