Arkham Knight Catwoman

Hi guys, first post here, but I’ve been checking this forum out for years. There’s always so much impressive work being put up, so this is the first work I feel is worth of sharing.

This was my Final Project from Advanced Term at Think Tank Training Centre, and my first CG Character. I was responsible for all elements, from planning to final comp. I chose to take the Arkham Knight game version of Catwoman and attempt a film quality portrait using cosplayer Xenia Shelkovskaya as primary reference. Needless to say this was a challenging project, and I’m not super happy with the final result, specifically the likeness & topology. But a great deal was learned, and it’s time to move on to something else. The majority of modeling/sculpting was done in Zbrush. Rendered in Maya/Arnold. All work was completed within an ACEScg color pipeline. Some very light compositing was done last minute in Photoshop.

Thanks for looking!


Outstanding! Love the clay renders but your final render is amazing :slight_smile: Thank you for sharing.

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Thanks very much Jaime! I’ve tried uploading .pngs of these renders, but the site seems to be compressing them to .jpg anyway?

beautifully done! :slight_smile: thought it was some photograph at the beginning lol

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Great job

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Awesomely done!! :heart_eyes:

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I like the organization of the reference art at the end, great job all around!

so beatuful and realastic!