Archaic youth

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This is my first 3D creation, it took me five days to make.
I am very new to digital sculpting, and I decided to make this piece so to learn how to use zbrush.
It’s over and I have learned how to sculpt, but now I am having the hardest time trying to learn how to bake this and export it to other softwares. I think I’ll make this an Instagram filter asset, so people can see it as AR. Does anyone have any tips on how to map this? Which map should I do first? If I remember correctly, this is a 40 million polygons sculpture, I think I need to lower this count, should I use decimate before or after creating the maps? Anyway, I have no idea on how to approach these more technical concepts, as every tutorial I can find on youtube takes a different approach and says different things about mapping and baking sculptures.

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