Aquaman, king of Atlantis - fanart

AQUAMAN, King of Atlantis!
Hello everybody, I finally finished this fanart!
What an amazing challenge!
My intention was to show him in a victorious museum pose after a difficult fight against Black Manta. I also wanted to show all the power of the sea behind him, supporting him!
Its a classic version but I redesigned some parts… like the armor for example.
Sculpting the waves was the greatest challenge for this piece since capturing the flow of water its very dificult!
Everything was sculpted inside Zbrush, the rendered with V-ray and final composition with Photoshop.
Hope you guys like it!
Please, let me know what do you think!

Aquaman_LongHair_Final Aquaman_LongHair2 Aquaman_LongHair3 Aquaman_LongHair4 Aquaman_ShortHair_Final Aquaman_ShortHair2 Zbrush1 Zbrush2 Zbrush3 Zbrush4 Zbrush5 Zbrush6 Zbrush7
Aquaman Long hair and hook version
Aquaman short hair and fist version


Nice work!

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Thank you!