Apple city car vision

Hi, first of all what can i say about zbrush, i love it!!.
Im a transportation designer graduated from Rigoletti Casa de Diseño in collaboration with the instituto d`arte aplicatta turin italy, i ve been in projects with nissan audi and other companies involved in automotive and industrial design, I’ve been using zbrush to conceptualise automotive and industrial design since 2011,its awesome for concept!!, i haven’t post anything but i will start this year to posting some of the job i have done with zbrush in this area. hope you like it! if someone is interested in my workflow i will create some tutorial to show you how i create automotive design from blueprints to post production, please let me know.
I created this model for a contest based on the brand character of apple products but applied to transportation design.
By the way i also have an idea of a product for pixologic i will be very happy to expose my idea to the pixologic team.
I forgot to mention i used the new zmodeller function.
Ilel David
Transportation/ Concept designer


lamina 2 applept2zb2.jpg


Love it!

Thanks roanfarley

When i see concept artworks for the Apple car, i would want to see some badass design, not concept like mini/small+simple+minimalistic style. They result cars, which look like some baby toys.

Hi Ilel
I’d be very interested in seeing your Zbrush workflow in Automotive design
I work as a digital modeller for the automotive industry and I use Autodesk Alias and Icemsurf for a range of disciplines from concept modelling to production A class surfacing. I am quite sure that Zbrush could be used at the very early stages of concepting to complement the traditional use of 2D photoshop sketches. However many zbrush automotive modelling tutorials I’ve seen are not relevant to real world design workflow (panels are usual defined way too early on these tutorials as usually they are not defined until later in the process). Also modelling from blueprints whilst great for reproducing an existing car is not so useful in the design process (we don’t want to design a car that already exists do we?). Any thoughts would be gratefully appreciated.


Hi, martinci yes in the next few weeks i will create some pdf showing you my process, in this case i used blueprints of my design i draw the basic shape inside of sketchbook designer, but thats just my case cause im very methodic and old school in the way to concept cars (i love the sketching phase), so i need visual reference to set it up correctly the lines and shape of the vehicle, also because sometimes if you don’t have measurements you can loose the proportions, in this case i tried to model the vehicle like i was inside alias or rhino using some image reference to have more control of the overall form, course if you are an experienced modeller and you know the basic packaging of the different types of vehicles you will know exactly how the surfaces will interact in a 3d virtual space to create a real shape so it won’t be necessary for you to do blueprints ;). i will let you know when the tutorial is done.
Ilel David
Transportation / Concept Designer

Thanks, that’d be cool. I’ll look forward to it. (BTW I worked at Nissan Design Europe in London for nearly 10 years and I know some of the NDA guys)

Nice!! so you must be a beast on 3D cad, it requires a lot of patience to model inside any cad software, the next week i will start the mini tutorial on how i concept automotive design from zbrush to postproduction in ps. its very simple hope to finish it in two weeks.