Ape - Björn Arvidsson

Hey everybody!

Just wanted to share my latest personal project called “Ape”. Zbrush has been invaluble in creating this project. Been through so many revisions for the face and with layers in Zbrush and then just creating blendshapes in Maya I could easily cycle trough different looks and keep all fur and textures. No texturing xyz or anything, all of the details where sculpted in Zbrush with simple alpha or standard brushes.

Ill post some more zbrush shots later!

Some more screens here:


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Hey nice man…!!! Congrats for top row…!!!

beautiful work. not much else to say.


Great wortk man! And that sexy look :slight_smile:

This is super good work Björn. :slight_smile: Looking at those eyes makes me feel it’s alive. :slight_smile: Congratz on top row. :wink:

The Rim-light shot is awesome!!


Just beautiful; you captured the often overlooked intelligence that is usually present in chimp portraits but rarely shown for a gorilla…


Superb!!! Wow!!!

Fantastic Work. You indicated you did everything in ZBrush, using simple alphas and brushes. Love the fur. Could you describe the process
for creating the fur? I understand if it’s a trade secret :slight_smile:

Very sweet work. Eyes are superb!