Apartments For Rent - Only Rabbits Need Apply

A WIP and one of a few variants of this image I’m playing about with.

Will post the finished piece sometime - for now accept this untill my health improves.




Very fine as always :cool:

waiting for both :+1:

Como siempre boozy floozie, me encantan tus imágenes. ¿Como las haces?

:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1: I love the atmosphere!

With the best wishes regarding your health!

Great work Boozy. Hope you feel better soon!

What a sweet pic, Booze. As usual, it gave me a big smile…:smiley: I hope you feel well soon, my friend…


hey, man !

your style is really strange, I LOVE IT !!
always good work !
:slight_smile: :+1: :+1:

I really respect this art work,

it surely have a unique style … Good job keep going :+1:

funny bunny… :+1:

Hobbiton for rabits, great as usual Boozy

I think im starting to recognize your style. Great stuff that makes me want to get into the 2D, and 2.5 D aspects of zbrush. I wish i knew more about using the multimarkers etc. I’m wasting my illustration background on just 3d models, when theres a whole other world in zbrush im missin out on. -Ken

I really really like this one. Great style, colors and character!