Anyone want my Zbrush license?

I’m selling my zbrush license for 299€ because I don’t do much 3d art anymore and I’m saving money so if you’re looking to buy Zbrush but don’t wanna pay 800€ then this is a win win but you will have to live in the EU for this to work sadly because of laws but i’ve already emailed pixologic wich said they will take it from here once I find a buyer, thanks for reading

Actually, the law only requires that the seller be in the EU. The buyer can be anywhere.

I hope that helps!

oh wow thanks I´m such a fool xd XD thanks for saving my ass now I have a bigger market

Since I’m interessted in buying a zBrush License for a long time, but never had a spare 800EUR for a hobby.

So how does it work to make it happen? I’m from Austria (EU) by the way :slight_smile: