Anyone knows where I could find an utility to organize brushes?

Hello, I recently downloaded a ton of custom brushes for Zbrush and
I can’t understand for the life of me, why Pixologic wouldn’t include a
folders feature that you can see in the current brush button!

Right now I click on Current brush and only see a wall of custom brushes
that I have to sort trough. It’s a huge pain in the ass even with the shortcuts
because I don’t know the name of every brush.

So I was thinking if we could have little folders there to organize the brushes
how we wanted. Like “Rocks” “anatomy parts” “Standard brushes” “Hard Surfaces”
that would be awesome.

Now I know the chances of Pixologic listening to me are slim to none, so is there
a script that does something similar to this?


There ARE folders. it’s best to not have more than 25 items in them. :wink:

Use Lightbox to organise your brushes into folders http://docs.pixologic.com/getting-started/basic-concepts/lightbox/. That’s where you’ll find all the additional brushes that are installed with ZBrush but not shown in the main brush list

Ah but what if I threw all my brushes into the Brush preset folder?
they wouldn’t appear on the brushes folder on Lightbox

I guess I just wanted to have the folders on a handy little button like
the current brush one, like having my own folders right there.

Thanks for the help ^^

You can create your own custom pallets and put there your brushes then make hotkey for them.
It will work as popup.


Maybe it’s not what you looking for but It can be helpful.

thank you!, this is very helpful.

How did you do that? i’ve been looking for this for ages