ANXIETY // Hope you’ll like it :pray:

Software /// Zbrush / Maya / Substance Painter / Arnold Render / Xgen


cool design

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Thank’s !

Absolutely incredible! tell me, did you sculpt all of this in ZB, or did you use Maya for the Hard Surface parts?

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Thank’s a lot @Gremlin for the hardsurface part it’s all made with zbrush and, yes marvelous designer ( for the key ) :joy: I draw the main shape on marvelous then export in zbrush, with this 2D plane base, I use the zmodeller ( hardsurface tool on zbrush ) and extrude it, for the thickness, and then use the zmodeller to get all the edges and stuff for the final look, so 20% Marvelous / 80% on zbrush


Oh man, i would LOVE to see a video on how you did that with the Key. ive never heard of anyone doing it like that before! that is super interesting. do you got a Youtube channel? if not make one and start showing all of us how you do things, i know i for one could watch you talk about stuff like this for hours. (Assuming you have the time of course lol)

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Nicely done Dylan :slight_smile:

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For the moment I don’t have this kind of thing, but It will come one day, sure of that, feel more comfortable with this, so I guess, when I will have free time, will be a pleasure to share some tricks !

Thank’s a lot Jaime !

looks really nice! :slight_smile: fantastic

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Thank’s :blush: