Antropus' Sketchbook

Hi all,

since I never had a sketchbook here before and also because I’m away from forums for quite some time now, I finally decided to open a thread where I can post some personal work. Being a father is the best thing to ever happen to me, but also limits the amount of free time I have to do any personal work nowadays. Still, I’ll be posting here in the rare occasions I happen to be working on something personal.

This first character is based on a painting from James Bama. His name is Roy and the likeness is still in progress.
I’m trying VRay for Maya and I’m excited about it. The SSS2 has a very natural feel to it, but I still have a ton of tweaks to do before I can start using it in other models. I also tried out the render passes from ZBrush BPR and it’s quite fun.

Update 2.18.12:

Maya+Vray first render tests:

ZBrush BPR+PS:

Do you think the wrinkles are over done? Great. I think so too :slight_smile:








Nice Job, Looks good

amazing work on wrinkles …:+1:

Glad to see new works from you. Subscribed to this thread. :+1:

Can never have enough wrinkles :wink:

Looks great - really good balance between appeal /ugliness .

Really nice work. inspirational!

excelente trabalho, realmente uma inspiração

Always good to see a master ZBrusher returning to the forums.

Great job! i think the wrinkles are a little overkill in the non-texture/polypaint render, but the color renders it’s great.


Great work as always … good to see you back! Cheers, David :smiley:

Awesome work as always. Good to see you getting back in action. :slight_smile:

Kris, it’s good to see you back!!! Awesome first post btw… I’m keeping my eye on this one :smiley:

Nice to see your work here again!:sunglasses: Great detail and clean sculpt as usual:+1:
Congrats and hope to see more of your stuff!!

awesome chin , look like a brain in the z brush render :wink: .

Another San Franciscan! Nice :). Cool sculpt man, the skin render is looking nice so far. The wrinkles might be a little crazy around the chin area :smiley: but good job overall.

Nice to see you again on the forums Antropus! Really good news!

Great wrinkles. You can feel his back story in those wrinkles and eyes.

Amazing detailing mate - glad seeing you back here on zbc!
Keep it going and can’t wait seeing more from you,

Great to see you back here Kris !!

amazing work as usual … , you really have one great reason to not post more often.

Take your time with the baby because it goes fast … some day you wake up and see how old is he and will not belive…
my daughter is teenager now and i could not belive how fast it comes


Hey Kris! love your wrinkle detailing. not overdone at all :smiley:


Great as usual :slight_smile:

PS= Acompanhando com muito prazeres seus trampos, ao longo dos anos. Parabéns :+1: