Anton Chigurh

One of my favorite movie characters, great facial features to exaggerate.



You have to take those shoes off bro!!!

This is awesome

Very well done.:wink:

Haha pure greatness. Love it.

No doubt of who this is a caricature of:+1:
You have revisited your earlier version with an invigorated graphic clarity.

wow!! top row!! Thanks a lot, my friends!

Haha, I really love this one. Well done, WELL DONE :slight_smile:

congrad nailing the top row!! really stylish character!

…adaptation! :sunglasses:

Nice work, friendo. :+1:

Looks so cool! It`s really expressive!!!

Outstanding! I love it!

you made my day! awesome!

Nice job. My Favorite Top Row Gallery pic so far

thanks a lot for the nice comments, my friends!

This is Brilliant! Congrats!