Antlers with Skull on Pedestal in Apocalyptic Style

Hey, guys
I want to show you one of my personal works I did a while ago…

This is the sculpture of Elk Antlers with Skull on Pedestal in Post-Apocalyptic Style.
Made as a Display or Holder for Alternative Jewelry.

At first, I wanted to make just antlers on the stand, like a jewelry rings tree.
But then I had an idea to make this work more unique, and I made a composition where a skull with antlers is lying on a pedestal …a very old stone pedestal that has cracked by time and weathering …and all this is covered with drifts of sand…

It turned out a bit apocalyptic :slight_smile:

ZBrush screenshot

I also have the opportunity to show you the 3D-printed version of this sculpture

…as well as a version with a round stand, which can be used both as a tabletop and as a wall-hanger

So, what do you think? …I hope you like it :slight_smile:

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