Anti-Venom: A victory in the Jungle

My Anti-Venom Sculpt and Tutorial are finally complete!

Anti Venom Stands roaring atop a destroyed building after an excruciating brawl with venom. He stands victorious with the head of Venom held tight in in his hand… Venom, although decapitated, still seems to wear a maleficent smile upon his face while the tendrils of anti-venom seem to be absorbing what remains of Venom… Is this part of Venom’s plan? Or is his host finally defeated?

Checkout the link to get the tutorial on Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/thivolan/store

Sculpt in ZBrush, Render in Blender.


Beautiful piece. Thank you for sharing so much.

Hey Paul, thank you for the Kind words.