Anteater character concept

For a long time I have been slowly learning ZbrushCore which is what I created this character who I am very attatched to after fleshing out the flaws for the last 3 years. Finally his baseline is ready. I was originally aiming for a more anatomically correct and postured model but back in 2018 that was to diffucult to do. Instead I aimed at a more simple fantasy/indie style of the form.

Due to technology limitations and a budget I had to seperate a good portion of his anatomy to keep my Desktop from crashing the program or any major lag. For the time being I am saving up to upgrade so that I can use a more modern 3d software system to complete him, and add an ungodly amount of hair fibers to him as well. As well as give him clothing.

Model was left purposely a neutral color.

Anteater base Anteater clawsanteater head

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