Another character for my daughter's bedroom

I made an adaptation of a very cute character design i found on pinterest. Mine is not as cute unfortunately but i did my best :slight_smile:

Please leave comments all critics are welcome

Done with Zbrush & Blender

Hi all,


I love it! How did you do the hair? in Blender or Zbrush? The snake came out perfect! Her face is perfect too!!!

Thank you very much. I used the new blender hair feature from release 3.3. It’s the first time I remotely successfully manage hair. Always failed with particle systems or fibermesh. Needs a little bit of geometry node which could be tricky but there s plenty of great ppl doing tuto on line.

Awesome, great to know! Thanks so much. Your portfolio is amazing!


Really beautiful I love it !

TweakBox Tutuapp

Nicely done @Indiatlani looks adorable :ok_hand:

Thanks a lot Jaime :grin: