Anime Fan Art

This is a personal project, the main objective was to learn more about anime girl characters and have fun doing something new.
Based on the amazing concept by PomU.
Was sculpt 95 % on Zbrush and render with Keyshot andKeyBridge.



cute! :slight_smile: <3

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Thank you @Pixo_Daisuke :smile:

:metal: :+1: nicely done :dizzy:

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Thank you! @kiarash.tamizkar

It’s a very cute project. You must surely continue to draw such pictures. I would also ask you to draw a picture of Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul, it’s my girlfriend’s favorite character. Soon is her birthday and I hope to order from https://www.animelovepillow.com/ a pillow with him on it. So would you pls help me and draw a cool art with him, because I didn’t find an interesting one on the internet, and it will be also cool because the pillow will be unique and no one will have such one too. Will you help me or not?