Animal study


Studying various animals and sculpting them as static Bronze statue like forms…I am also creating a workflow for animation for the same in Maya




The horse rearing seems like an odd pose, and looking at some horses on google, I’d rather see what you used for a reference first before I state any opinions.

with that said the anatomy doesnt have any oddities that stands out much except for the muscles on the hind quarters are a little muddy. horses are pure muscle their physique is very defined, like how you have it in the front legs

good job on it overall though, keep at it :slight_smile:


Wonderful job. I like it very much.

Muscles on horse body are looking awesome!:eek:

I like to see textured one.

Thank you for your valuable comments…

Yes I agree that the hind legs are a bit blotchy, without much of a clear muscle definition…Will have to start work on it and get to look more solid, especially near the hind quarters…in particular the bone volumes

The rearing up pose is a half baked pose, which I was trying out to test my rig and I thought it might add another image; haven’t done a corrective sculpt on it yet…added to that is the lack of expression on the horses face and neck muscles :slight_smile:

Thanks again

nice to see your work in zbrushcentral sir