Anigroove's Sketchbook

Hello, here i will post some of my brainfarts…
This one is called: “Sick Animal” .
cc welcome!

[![sick01.jpg|1200x1200](upload://aoa3SOzDUDP27p6b85X8c8PRirQ.jpeg)] <object height="385" width="480"> <embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" height="385" width="480"></object>

Sick Animal is excellent. But i’d lose the skull bra on him, that detracts from the being’s uniqueness and splendor. :+1:

make diferents versions of sick animal, i like this so much!

EricShawn, and yfchild thanks for the comment, i will drop the skull and wasteband and go from there!

Here's another quick sculpt. [![WIP003.jpg|684x1024](upload://6xjTVURFvn34zQzWohwk8iWqxMq.jpeg)



Here a version without the skullbra, instead a parisite inside. :smiley:


Great style, very unique!
It got a big laugh out of me, thanks! :lol:

Here a Moon-shaped thing with a sleeping problem …
just a start.


Made some new teeth because i did not like the first.


Now the eyes …




Really lking the crazy moons in collision piece, looks great multiplied like that… be nice to see a proper render and maybe some variation between them, some sleeping, some other expressions

Cool! :slight_smile:

maybe a trailing band of stars weaving between them? … and a tiny astronaut pulling himself across a rope that links 2 of them… oooooh, and moths!
I did a detail for a painting I’ve yet to get tucked into

I reckon a large moth crawling across the face of one of them would be cool

You don’t do requests? can’t say I blame you… :slight_smile:

Nice work

@ RawSunlight, thnxs for your comment, i will try to get a render of the moon soon :slight_smile: (love uv master btw).

Rendered in Zbrush, and some ps. Thnx to Dicky Paine
for his lightning and materials :+1:


you have a great imagination. im looking foreward to seeing more of your stuff!

A render Mashup composed just for the fun of it !


W.I.P. “Cherno” The Easterbunny,
Happy Easter …

![Cherno-the-easterbunny.jpg|1120x3360](upload://kwq9ApWLbrHUZxDrYkrrXDT7Ual.jpeg)](http://javascript%3Cb%3E%3C/b%3E:zb_insimg%28%27188328%27,%27paashaasclose.jpg%27,1,0%29) <script type="text/javascript"><!-- document.write('<input type="button" class="button" tabindex="1" style="font-weight:normal" value="Upload Image or File" title="Upload Image or File" onclick="manageattachments(\'newattachment.php?p=673143&editpost=1&poststarttime=1270237634&posthash=49b40e8a59c701f72787f3f6ccfcc80d\', 480, 480, \'673143\')" />'); document.write(' <input type="button" class="button" tabindex="2" style="font-weight:normal" value="Delete Image or File" title="Delete Image or File" onclick="manageattachments(\'newattachment.php?p=673143&editpost=1&poststarttime=1270237634&posthash=49b40e8a59c701f72787f3f6ccfcc80d&zb_manage=1\', 480, 480, \'673143\')" />'); document.write(' <input type="button" class="button" tabindex="3" style="font-weight:normal" value="Learn More" title="Learn more about uploading and displaying images" onclick="var zbinfo =\'\', \'zbwin\', \'width=920,height=700,resizable,scrollbars=yes\')" />'); //--> </script><input class="button" tabindex="1" style="font-weight: normal;" value="Upload Image or File" title="Upload Image or File" onclick="manageattachments('newattachment.php?p=673143&editpost=1&poststarttime=1270237634&posthash=49b40e8a59c701f72787f3f6ccfcc80d', 480, 480, '673143')" type="button"> <input class="button" tabindex="2" style="font-weight: normal;" value="Delete Image or File" title="Delete Image or File" onclick="manageattachments('newattachment.php?p=673143&editpost=1&poststarttime=1270237634&posthash=49b40e8a59c701f72787f3f6ccfcc80d&zb_manage=1', 480, 480, '673143')" type="button">

Silky, made this one in Zbrush, polypainted in Zbrush and rendered in Zbrush
used cavity masking by polygroup a lot to get the silky look , used a skin material for the worm.
Think the wood could need some work …

Brought it in to ps to set background and logo ... C & C welcome :) ![silky-anigroove.jpg|1120x840](upload://t89hbfna5tsXVPX4J6cFNqfDHQK.jpeg)

Loved everything man!:+1:
Would you like to donate your Moon to a folklore band?
It would be very usefull to us!
Take care.:wink:

I like rabbit… follow this sense… you´ve talent.

Dude, you definitely got SOMETHING on your sketchbook!
I’m sure you’ve already been at your wonderland before! :smiley:


  • Revel, thank you (you’ve got amazing work!)
  • yfchild, Trying to get this creature alive !
  • segomel, Thank you for your comment!, Sorry, i am not into folk. ;)

Hi there, here is an update of the beast… hehe
gonna work on the chicken !