Angry monster

sketch based off of concept done by creaturebox: https://m1.behance.net/rendition/modules/28265187/disp/4eb16da7f5f6344c95a52627c7e8d8b8.jpg

Just a wip for now, I still need to add some random hairs in places, put his back plates on, and give him an actual paint job. I’m tired though and figured I’d post where I’m at.



Disregard this post, posted it wrong!

Started from a polysphere renderd in keyshot.

Textured in Surface Painter/Designer and rendered in Keyshot. I still have to export his hair as curves and render the whole thing out of Maya. But this one tells me I’m on the right track!purpleMonster_02.jpg

Fun, simple sculpt I did today while stuck inside from the rain.

Those are some great and funny designs! :+1:

I really like this…

Simplicity but with expression…

Nice work