Angel in Agony

Hi all,

So this is my first post to see what feedback i get! I have no art background, no training in zbrush and no idea what I’m really doing, but I’m pretty pleased with this one. Its going to be part of a larger project I’ll try to show off later…

Rendered in Keyshot…


Pained Figure_Rende.jpg

Pained Figure_Rende.jpg

Pained Figure_Rende.jpg

Pained Figure_Rende.jpg

Pained Figure_Rende.jpg

You’re right
you have no idea what you are doing
keep practicing and one day maybe you will get better

I don´t know why BlackMath said that man!!! I think that is this is what you did and you are starting out… man it´s an awesome piece, I just wish I was that good when I was starting out. So keep up and show us more stuff man, you are going in the right direction bro :wink:

I’m open to all comments, even those that don’t seem constructive. Thanks for the kind words of encouragement tho mate. Really does make the difference! If anyone knows good sources of keyshot advice for rendering I’d be most appreciative.

I said it because at the time it seemed to silly to me that one would come on a forum
and say i don’t know anything and then post pics of a nicely rendered model with decent anatomy.
its as if you purposely prefaced it that way to make it more impressive.

so i said the contrary of what everyone was expecting.

just let your work speak for itself
and dont try to bait your audience that you’re some kind of wunderkind that never studied anything or that you dont know anything

I’ll have to agree with BlackMath on this. You can’t just say that you have no art background or no Zbrush training to be able to pull off something like this out of nowhere. Without any decent Zbrush training or some knowledge of anatomy I doubt the OP could pull off something like this easily, there’s just no way. I agree it’s a good looking piece but don’t say that you have “no art background or no Zbrush training” when clearly you do have some working knowledge of Zbrush and anatomy. Even for someone to learn anatomy and Zbrush in 2 weeks without any prior knowledge whatsoever it’s impossible to pull something off like this. It is possible but it takes a least a few months to get decent at it and do this kind of quality of work for anyone starting out.

Ok so I’m going to try and write something that’s not considered baiting, or egotistical masturbation or something…

The zbrush practice I’ve had consists of: these forums+ youtube+ 2 hours after work every night for roughly 6 weeks. It’s not my first sculpt, it’s my first post and it is my first render after reading the info on the keyshot homepage 2 days ago.
I last studied art at school when I was 16 and I’m now 27. I wrote my comments because I’m proud of it enough to put it on here to recieve critism not praise.

I hope this puts my comments/ thoughts into context, or helps you get where I’m coming from.

Once again if anyone has any art based critique to share with me please do! Cheers

So you’ve worked diligently studying sculpting in zbrush
training yourself
its a great sculpt
the render looks pretty good and you’ve captured it in some well composed shots

The wings need more work
they dont feel like they could really function as wings
they look like you are suggesting wings so that we think your character is an angel
maybe thats a statement in and of itself… Im not sure

however if you’re going for a realistic type anatomy for wings
i would gather some wing reference and get busy on them wings
Cause they look like you insert meshed a feather into some bone like structures coming out of his back
there’s no wonder this angel was captured and bound because his wings don’t work
again maybe thats a metaphor
im not sure

Thanks for the critical eye!

The wings are the part a I was least content with you’re right. They’re pretty much unchanged from the
BADKING model I downloaded.

The size is definitely wrong, but the size of the structure this guy is going into meant I’d get loads of clipping issues

I’ve yet to organise my reference files into folders, but I’m gonna get on it!

Thanks muchly for the tips!