Andy Kerr Art Sketchbook

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A broken metatarsal bone is limiting my love for running so I have more time to work on my portfolio. I do neglect my art a lot so here goes.

The hair is a place holder



The great leader! :lol:
nice work. I screwed my knee as well recently heh.

Placeholder or not, it looks more natural than his actual hair. :rolleyes:

Great likeness.

great likeness, very clean…and very well done. you should put a pint on top :slight_smile:

  • johnchen - Thanks. I can’t wait for my injury to heal, its depressing not enjoying fresh air.

  • foxtrotzulumilkshake - You are mistaken is it real hair. He would never wear a wig lol

  • skinnybonez - Thanks. I have had one too many pints, I don’t think there is enough room on his wig.

Queen Elizabeth 1st, current work project, placeholer hair (again) Final model will be rigged

still work in progress. extra bits and bobs to attach



planning a full character.

colour mood test with the grey scale

spent some more time on project. I have still got more detailing and fixes