Anduin Wrynn: Victory

Hi friends, The second pose from the Warcraft game_Battle for Azeroth for 3D Print at 1/4 scale.
I hope you like it.


Beautiful, the detail and the love put into making this statuette astonishes me, I want one for my desk SO badly. Is there any path to acquiring an .stl (or other format) of the model @3dcube? So I can print one for myself?

(I know i’m new here and i’m not sure of the etiquette involved in requesting files or if it’s just not done here so please excuse me if i’m making a faux pas but I saw that model and had to sign up just to comment)

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Thanks for your sharing,That’s pretty cool.
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Thank you A1104477 for your comment :wink:
You can contact me via my email: 3dcube.aes@gmail.com