Andrew Kinabrew's Z3 stuffs

I thought I would consolidate a bit and just start one thread dedicated to all my Z3 works so I don’t have to create a new one for each character. Should save time and trouble.

To start it off, here is a model turnaround I did over the weekend. I wanted to use the flatten and pinch almost exclusively. This was my first retopology test as well. It started off as zshpheres.

So many wonderful new tools.


Now that is a fine pice of sculpture! It depicts love quite nicely.

A pleasant departure from our normal subjects…:smiley:


thats great. its always SO refreshing to see zbrush used in non alien/old person/demon/goblin/orc/fat person/dragon, etc etc type of sculpting

…dont get me wrong, ive been just as guilty as everyone else for the same above mentioned type of modeling hahah :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s just great… Such control… Congrats se7 on a standout piece

Ooh so you can upload movies! Love how you depicted this, reminds me of a statue my aunt had. How did you slow down the rotations, mine always go fast?

Wow, that is outstanding! MORE MORE MORE!:+1:

Dickie, daddymack, Harmonic:

Thank you for the positive responses thus far.


I’m guilty too :laughing:


You can upload movies, just not to Zbrush Central. Here’s what I did, I put the movie on my personal server, made a still of the turntable and put a “.mov” in photoshop then uploaded that pic to the Zbrush Central servers. I then selected the image, clicked the hyper link portion and put the link to my server to which the turntable resides.

Here’s a quick description of the settings under the movie menu and how to manipulate them to do what you want.


ZBrush is unique to share learning tip,trick and everything
Thanks for the highlights friend!


Excellent .mov and sculpt, You should make a bronze casting of it as I’m sure it would sell nicely.
Thank you for the very informative movie menu settings also.



I was thinking about a bronze casting because I would like to have this in my home as an actual object and you’re right, it’s contemporary feel might do well on the market. You’re welcome.

Here’s a revisit on the Berserker model from this thread

I thought I would try my hand at poly painting and assign materials per subtool. I’m not totally happy with it but it was a fun first test.

yet another turnaround. This time I tried using the SCRN option under the modifiers to move the Y axis just a tiny bit.


so I got some time to play a bit more and I was wondering what else I could do with a sphere and the new brushes, so I made a storm trooper head. Entirely of zbrush primitives. The head was done with a single sphere. I’m not super thrilled with it but I think it’s a pretty good first attempt. Might have to try it again.

it looks like a very well done clay model, not quite finished.

very nice work.

Thank you.

I agree. I think this is pretty much as far as I can go without actually retopologizing the mesh.

the retop

Nice, you should be able to get some nice clean sharp lines now. This new plugin might help you?
http://zbrushcentral.com/zbc/showthread.php?t=45593&highlight=crease :slight_smile:

I tried that plug in but it didn’t work all too well for me. Not entirely sure why. I think the traditional method of hiding creasing and showing works better for this kind of thing (however, I didn’t do it as much as I probably should have) I’ll probably revisit this at least one more time but it’s been an interesting test.

Here’s some poly painting and a quick turn around.


It’s funny, once I make the turn around I notice things I didn’t notice when I was constructing everything. For example, with the troll I didn’t notice his foot strap on one of his foot got shifted. I still need to go back and fix that. This turned out semi lumpy and I’m not entirely sure how that happened. My aim for the next few models is to use multiple materials while I model so that I can catch these things a bit sooner (not that these are final in any respect.) :lol:

Thanks for the input guys! Any further comments, critiques or reference links are much appreciated.

I got around to playing with zbrush3 a bit more. I had an idea the other day about a diorama of a piggy from a book called Speaker for the dead by Orson Scott Card. It’s a sequel to a book called Ender’s game.

In the book, there is a colony on a planet that is inhabited by a race of aliens that are nicknamed piggies for their upturned snout. I couldn’t find a description exactly except their nose and that they have horny pads on their ankles so that they may climb trees. I tried to find any reference photos for this species on the internet and didn’t have any luck except for an unimaginative book cover from the late 80’s.

What’s really cool about this planet is that each creature has a subsequent life form that it relies on for survival. It’s almost like an ecosystem based off of the yin and yang. The piggies go through three lives. The first one is their birth from a tree. The second is where they live in the forest as piggies and the third is a life as a tree. I won’t give the entire plot away because I enjoyed the book and you should read it if you get a chance. I plan on creating a scene from this novel with this character but for starters, here is another turn around.


I can’t stop these ideas from coming and I can’t believe how easy it is and how much less time it takes to get those ideas out. :lol:

another turn around. Right click save as.


here’s a closer look. I plan on doing some more refined work with the models as well as moving this to a finished piece.


Very creative. Wonderful posing. :wink: