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Hello there,
so I decided to start my own sketchbook sharing my ZBrush stuff.
Hope you all enjoy it!

Here below my first post with the “Large Guardian Creature Concept” done in 2015 for FRAMESHIFT, a POST APOCALYPTIC SCI-FI SURVIVAL VIDEOGAME. I was responsable to design and sculpt high-poly models of creatures, props, environmnets, armors, exoskeletons, cybernetics etc…

Soon more stuff :slight_smile:



Concept Artist - Portfolio: https://www.artstation.com/artist/ca_andreachiampo

Large Guardian Creature

More than twice the size of an average man, this mutant is incredibly strong and extremely deadly. In combat, its razor sharp extendable arm blades are used to quickly dismember and disembowel large swaths of enemies. Ten and Twenty-man groups have been observed falling by the hands (and blades) of this creature. Guardians watch over high-value Frameshift facilities, such as Frameshift HQ and various outposts. Survivors have yet to devise a tactic to take them down, but have been observed using stealth to avoid them.






ZBrush Views!

More views and BLADES OUT! :smiley:

I had already seen your artworks on artstation !

Love your style !

Your wasp was really amazing too ^^

Thank you Max!
I’m going to upload the wasp too! :smiley:

awesome work as usual buddy! looking forward to see more work on here. :smiley:

Thanks mate! :slight_smile:

cheers buddy. can’t wait to see more of your creature work!


A large cat-like predator mutant. Survivors believe DNA from a puma or other similar big cat was used to create this creature. Resides mostly in commercial areas,
with the Frameshift A.I. directing it to patrol and protect resources in strip malls, gas stations, and similar areas.
Augmentations include:

Integrated endoskeleton, powered with a combination of organic and synthetic muscle, providing immense strength.
Extremely tough, fabricated teeth and claws to enhance ability to dismember or kill a human target.
Wireless capability to relay information and receive commands from the Frameshift A.I.



More images about Stalker Creature!

Hello there,
Here’s my concept designed at the sculpt off 2016 (last image is the one I delivered after 3 hours).
Some new renders and a short breackdown.

Hi-tech Semi-rigid material, able to change rigidity thanks to electric shocks, emulating muscular contractions. In case of impacts it becomes almost indestructible and in case of falls and bullets it’s able to deform it self thanks to
its memory-foam structure. Before the apocalypse, these units had the role of patroling on the streets and were engaged on delicated missions (where human-units would be in high danger).
After the Apocalypse, the AI uses these drones for fighting human rebels. The unit can change typology of arm (integrated weapons, shields, etc.).

I also made a Turnable GIF, click here to see it: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Rldlm

Hope you enjoy!

Transparent_2 ZBRUSH CENTRAL.jpg
Transparent_1 White_desat ZBRUSH CENTRAL.jpg


Hi Andrea !

thanks for sharing your knowledge , always interesting to see how your work !

See you later !

Hello there,
Here is a series I’m working on whenever I have free time.

Quick stretched sculpt in ZBrush, Keyshot and Photoshop (a lot :smiley: )
My goal is to design weird creatures, coming from the same weird “world”.

More to come!


I love this series of creatures dude! they totally feel like they came from the same world