Andre Holzmeister's Sketchbook

Hi guys, i am starting to catalog some works i have done lately, and i would like to share with you guys; hope you like the stuff, critics&comments are very welcome!


André Holzmeister







Very very nice modeling, man )) love ur sketchbook ) :+1:




wonderful works mr andre and plz i am a beginner at drawing and anatomy can you send me some books dvd names plz and thanks

plz check my works

Hey Andre!

Nice to see you here. The B.O.P.E guy is great! I’ll be following your thread!


I have revisited my hellboy model, added some detail just to have some fun.

Now i’m working on my version of Blanka. Didn’t touch the feet yet, and legs need more work.





wonderful;) plz check this thread


well done my friend…i like that creature…love its face…love to see it full.

Thanks guys, some update on Blanka


the hellboy bust looks awesome and i’m sure blanka will turn out great.
maybe blankas ears are a bit too spiky. but if you’re satisfied with those ears hold on to it. :+1:

Hi Andre, i really loved your “Bope art”.
The art looks like a mix between Gears of War and Urban War.

Everytime that i look to the work, i can really feel the moment of the image for some seconds.

Al.Tintop - thanks dude, i kinda like the ears that way, but this will depend on the hair in the end, how it will compose with the total volume. Thanks for the critic!

Dhyego - I really like you post, it makes me think that i have acomplished more than i expected. If an image really comunicate the moment then it is a good one, well at least i hope so :wink: By the way, i am making a paint over that image that is coming out kinda nice. when i get time to get it done i will post here.

Your Blanka is looking good too!
I can’t wait to see it finished!

Some update on the pose, still need to fix some twists and ad some detail based on the posing




very good…love his hands…well done

hey blanka looks awesome, really nice proportions, should texture it too :smiley:

How Mat do you render? Please. Great job

Awesome sketchbook! I like where you going with the blanka too. Lots of tension in the pose. Did you have to do anything special to get the knees to bend that much?

How did you posed your Blanka?

Josh, thanks dude, still gona work on those, somehow i lost the nails in the transpose master process, and still need to modify the finger poses for the other hand, just bent the hand to disguise the pose for now.

Euge, thanks man, gona make a render out of this model soon.

Topopotato, thanks, if you asking about the Blanka matcap, i used the one Rich diamant kindly shared in his Uncharted 2 Topic (great matcap Rich, thanks for sharing) http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?t=79141&page=2&pp=15

Womball, thanks man, hope you like it when it gets done. About the knees, i bent it and it intersected very deeply, so i masked the shin from the thigh and made another polygroup, then i hide the thigh and sculpted the calf so it gets the feeling it is in contact with the thigh and then did the same thing with the thigh.

Dhyego, I used transpose master for posing all subtools at once, but i did get some problems i did not quite understand, eyes and nails were left out of place(they were in the right position when in tpose mode), so I deleted it and gonna make it in 3dsmax, when i get the model there for rendering.