Ancient Tribe Of Manu

Hi All

been busy taking a break from The Sin Eaters, had this image floating in my min for awhile now. Playin on the concept of Alien conection with Tribal Cultures, notabley the Ayahuasca using tribes. Anyone intrested in this facinating theory should look up Graham Hancocks Book Supernatural.

All Coments and Crits Please you know i love the feedback good or bad Thanks:D

I’ll post some details crops later


Hmm 180 views and not a single comment!!!:cry:

Well here are the detail crops, for anyone interested, hopefully some of you will start to comment.







Hi,This is a crreepy, yet interisting image.

You’ve obviously got a lot of talent.
Your details and color maps are fantastic, as is the render. The charactors face is very well done also.

If I were to brave a crit, it would be that the charactors body seems a bit awkward anatomically. That would be my only suggestion on it.

Otherwise it is a unique image, done extremely well!

Best wishes,

it is a really fresh image, i really like it, finally is not a creepy monster in the darkness. I love the lightining in your image , and specially the jewlery, i recorgnize 2 of my materials there. It really looks cool.
However, In my oppinion he or she got too many veins sticking out and there is somethinstill missing in the image which i havent been able yet to tell.
Keep it up.


Brian, Hi and thanks for your kind words, and the small crit. The Reason I think the anatomy of the body seems I little off is due to the hands, I used a mask from texture and inflated them slightly to get texture and I think they could do with thinning down at the moment I feel they are a bit bulky for the frame of her body. I also want to bring more texture into the stomach and waist as it should be more wrinkly, but I was having problems with the mesh distorting horribly so her stomach to me is a bit flat.

Luis: Hi and thanks for your kind words too. Yes they are two of your materials, sorry I should have credited you for them in my first post. They are great materials, I was playing around with gel mats, trying to get a jewel effect and then I remembered your thread, and went looking to see if you gave a tutorial fro the Mat settings, so it was a pleasure when I found you had actually posted them. so thank you. you saved me nights of frustration.

With the Veins the ones I’m not happy with are those on the breast, and maybe the thick vein on her arm (her right) could do with bleaching down a bit. But the breast veins the more I look at them I feel need to be re worked.

Something, Missing you feel. Hmmm, I agree and like you I can’t put my finger on what though. I’m thinking something added into the background, or something added to here body I.e like a small dagger wedged at her waist between the thong string. I do know hat you mean though so if you have any ideas as to what it is. let me know. I think I’ll try the dagger and see.

Ok thanks again

I am far from one to critique or give advice since this is my first post and I haven’t posted any of my work yet; however, I think your hands look fine except for one small detail. They are alien hands, so the viewer needs to give a bit of leeway to the interpretation; because, not all of use have seen an alien face to face in real life, so we really can’t say what its real anatomy will look like.

That said the one detail in the hands.
The forward hand to the viewer, its pinky finger, is slightly twisted.
The start positioning is correct and the end fingernail is correct, but the middle part is slightly twisted; that is unless you meant it to be slightly twisted.

Good Luck to ya and Great Job
Metok ha’esh :smiley:

Nice model and render. Glad your rating has gone up as it deserved more than two starts. All I can think of is maybe have a faint green light being cast up from below/right of the alien. Maybe with a touch of green or blue it may help it merge with the background so it doesn’t pop out as much.

Nice work. MX

This looks fairly good. Aside from the few anatomy issues, I think the vein textures could be addressed a little more subtly on the chest and upper arm (as stated already). I’d also use a background that coordinates better with the lighting you are using. Apart from that, it’s a pretty nice rendering!

Some poetry inside :cool:
Seems black necklace style don’t fit with the figure?
Have happy Zbrushing! :cool:

Thanks Metok ha’esh: ahhh!! yes thanks for pointing that out, it’s not twisted whats happened is where i inflated the mesh with a mask, and clearly I missed that area so it hasn’t expanded with the rest of the finger.

your right in saying that the anatomy is down to interpretation, but the more i look at the hands i feel i need to make them more boney.

Thanks mxhaunted : with the lighting I already have a blue fill in, and will give it go with a green. Lights for me always end up trial and error, this set worked the best. I have studio experience for photograhy lighting and I try to transfer
that knowledge over to the Z lights to creat a realistic feel. Sometimes it works other times don’t.

I’ll post some WIPs shortly,

thanks again

Thanks for your comments KrakenCMT : Frenchy Pilou

KrakenCMT: yep gonna work on them veins, with the background I tried two others, wich i shall post later. but felt this one worked the best as stated in last post, I’m gonna try adding a green, to see if it blends it in more.

Frenchy Pilou: I did concider removing the neck collar, at one point but settled for it once I added the jewels. But now you got me thinking again…
hmm …!

thanks again for the C & C’s

Hi all

Ok I’ve tweaked the lights, brought a green on Mxhaunted’s suggestion and it does seem to have improved the render. So thanks for that tip:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Worked the texture on the torso more, and attempted to sort her little finger out. added some wrinkles to the stomach area.

I’ve modeled a rock to break the background up. Which I’m inbetween here and there as to whether i’m happy with it being in there.

C&C’s welcome




the image looks much better now. Althoug a couple of suggestions and oppinions;
1.-maybe same brazalet in the other arm?
2.-a belly button? (or many belly buttons, who knows)
3.-now the black huge necklance does look weird for some reason. maybe torus with colors around the neck like those afican tribus? (dond remember the name)
4.-little more light? (adjust with curves)
5.-how about a waterfall in the background?

Thanks Luis

your comment are very helpfull.

I did consider putting a braclet on the other wrist, but thought there would probrably be so lttle of visable that I decide no to. but maybe a wrap of beads hanging off might work.

With the belly button I decide from to leave out, as she was initially modeled on discription from abduction accounts where thet’re bodys sounds as if they are cloned vessals to carry the spirit/energy. I kinda figured they would’nt have a button.

The Neck brace, yes. Initially i went for the African tibe neckware, but couldn’y get the rings to look natural. When I say that I mean in the way they sit on top of each other. Sounds and looks simple when looking at references, but they just would not work, I may try again. I need something there as it covers up the head/body join.

A little more light Adjust with curves? not sure if i follow you on that bit. I had to tone the lights down a bit when i added the green. Unless you mean adjust the curves for shadows, which i think may be could do with darkening a bit.

A waterfall, I like the idea and it had crossed my mind, but as the BG is burred out i thought it would be adding detail where there need’nt be.

But some very good points you mentioned there, thanks

jsut thought i’d add a little breif behind the concept, to give an idea as to where i’m comming from.

Firstly I took the overal shape and design of the figure from Alien abduction acounts, all bar the hands, as the greys are depicted with just 3 digits. It’s a mystery that intriuges me.

then you have all the myths and tales of Alien bases around the jungles of south american.

Add to that Trabal Shamans, accounts of their travels in to the other world, whilst under the influence of Ayahuasca, where they describe they same archetypal beings, only they see them as spiritual beings from an alternative dimension. With people from the modern world, during clinical trials and studys of Ayahuasca, the subjects experience the same beings only now they see them as the grey aliens, in technological enviroment.

Ayahuasca contains DMT, which is a natural and powerfull Pychoactive, occuring naturally in our brains and can be stimulated by electromagnetic currents, or around earthquake zones it is also produced when we sleep.

When do Abduction mainlt take place! It is a theory, but one i find intersting.

So I have attempted, to convey a more shamanic alien grey, rather than your usual bug eyed night kidnapper. Hope this helps to anyone interested.

ive been looking at this for a few days, and couldnt really pin point the parts that are bugging me. but after i read that books synopsis and your last posts comments, i got a idea of what you were trying. so here is what i feel could be better/what i think.

big head small face(brow to chin) is kinda strange
those hands are huge, compared to the width of the arms, is strange also.
the bicep on the right arm looks weird, alittle too wrinkly.
behind the pelvis bone on the back, the volume of the back doesnt seem to be present.
could use more over all volume.
the butterfly is cool, the background with or w/o the rock is cool.
the jewelry is fine also.
the wrinkles on the belly look alittle distorted.

well just being honest on how i felt. im not perfect or a master at art just giving my oppinion

HI All

Well I’ve been away, working on this. Re-worked on the body, hands, wrinkles and texture. done away with the neck brace and replaced with a choker based on Native American Neckware.

Experimented with skin shade renders and composited in photoshop, to try and simulate sss.

aceala:Sorry for not replying before now, Thanks for your crits, they urged me into action:D yes the hands did need correcting and the stomach wrinkles where a bit of a mash when i took another look.

well here is the result as usual C&C’s appreciated




I like an idea. The wisdom and the beauty) The last image looking very good)

Oh! I really like the body now, specially the hands. But I dont know about the new necklance, neither the color of the feathers because you got the same color in the wings of the butterfly, a similar color in the other necklance.
Another crittique will be, the neck it got too dark in my point of view, and the skin of the head, and face it does not match with the skin of the hole body.
Now i think its too much to look at, it needs less but at the same time something else, wich still i havent discovered what it is. You are getting there, cmon, u can do it! :D:P

welpers, you are doing it again. Making another terrific pic. She looks friendly. And the story is plausible.

I personally, (not because I am a perv) but think she should show nipples…or partials…or maybe another piece of jewelry or chain going to that area implying a nipple. That is alot of what makes a female look like a female I guess…(no hate mail plz) :smiley:

But you are extremely close to being completely done. And very well done at that.