Anatomy study wip need critiques

First day progress of my new male model. I try to follow proportions and to create basic shapes. Critiques are highly appreciated!
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Yesterday I didn’t sculpt. But here is the result of today’s work. Day 2. The main forms of the body are ready. Left to finish the feet. I’m not going into details right now, as I’m still going to do the retopology. I will check proportions when everything is done.

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Good try, I suggest you pay more attention to the pec area and make sure how the muscles attach. Also the back muscles where the shoulder connects. If you are following a tutorial, then follow it exactly the same. Practice proportions quite a few times and you’ll get it all right.

Thank you! Now I’m following a generic knowledge of several tutorials. I notice what you mentioned and I’ll try to fix it.)

I’ve made a foot and began a portrait of my friend. I’ve spent a few hours creating it1 2 . When the work is ready, I’ll post his pictures for comparison. First of all, I was working on proportions and basic forms. Day 3.
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Today I’ve adjusted the body of 3D figure, adjusted the face, refined anatomy using various sources. It is very important to ensure that the form of the ribcage is not lost. I hope I’ve managed it. Hands, feet and head separated in subtools which use dynamesh with different resolution. Day 4.
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Put bottom part of external abdominal oblique higher, smoothed, corrected forms. Most attention I’ve paid to the face, to the creation of similaritiy. I hope to start retopoloizing soon. Day 5.
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I’ve made a retopology of head of my sculpture ready for animation. I’ve based my mesh on the book Stop Staring by Osipa. The direction and shape of the polygons are very important. The TopoGun seemed unstable. For example, there was no way to select a few extra vertices, and once the program stopped working. I’m making retopology in Blender 2.8. Day 7.
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I was creating a body retopology. This turned out to be not that simple tusk. I think I’ll work on the mesh later. Day 8.

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Day 13-14. Yesterday I’ve started to make mouth: teeth, gums, tongue. Want to make it as best as possible so that then I can reuse it for different characters. So today I’ve sculpted the teeth and started making teeth retopology.