Anatomy Series / Gumroad

I’ve been doing more study work these days getting back to raw forms with low poly counts, just enough to force attention around bigger mass building. Reference was taken from Victorian photography. Each study is roughly an hour or under. These are part of something I’m creating called the Anatomy Series which includes hands, feet, busts, reference figures etc etc the list goes on. I also will be taking requests so if you like my work and would like a specific
model for your reference I will make it.

The series is now available on Gumroad. I also had lots of questions about how I render, and if I would make my scenes available.So I created a clean render scene in Maya/ MR, for you to use directly or modify to suit your needs. This scene is very simple and for users new to MR its a great aid, when I was a student I found it difficult to get to grips with and many an hour was spent tweaking settings to get the correct look, here I’m making a simple scene available so you can get under the hood really quickly and dissect the scene to see how easy it really is. This scene is great for adding drama to
your renders, its a powerful scene for rendering your sketches out, or build upon the scene and take it further either way you will get a nice picture. I’ve made the work and models as cheap as I can, the reason they aren’t all free is simply so I can keep making more work for the community.

I think you will be happy with the results you can create with the files, thanks for looking, and again thanks for the support over the years.

I hope this project will become a encyclopedia of anatomic study, and the aim is to create assets with a sincere thank you to the masters of the past.

Thanks again











Images of the packs available.
Thanks for the support all of you its been a great launch so far.



Really wonderful work, I enjoyed looking through them all. Superb stuff.

those are great Dan!


Hey Magda good to hear from you and many thanks for the support!

Cheers everyone, if you guys have any other ideas or requests of things you would like to see that would help your work, drop me a msg.

Thanks again


@chaoticforce thanks I really appreciate it.

@chimz thanks for the likes, I’ll have some updates to the series soon.

Many thanks to all the Zbrush users who followed my: gumroad.com/dancrosslandart

Really Really good stuff!!!

RyDarling: Cheers man I’m glad you like them, I have some more on the way soon and more free stuff, I’ll keep you posted.

Great thread man, I love the work in here!

@Gedn: cheers man much appreciated.